Sep 28, 2016

Disneyland September 8, 2016.

My birthday Disneyland tradition! You better believe I brought the real camera for Darcy's first time at the most magical place on earth. I was expecting full on chaos bringing a 2.5 month old to Disneyland but he made us slow down and have the most relaxing day. It was so much fun. We're taking him back tomorrow so we can take advantage of that free passholder parking one more time.

XO, Coury

Sep 27, 2016

Birthday fun.

So, yes, a little late on this as I a September 7th baby born on labor day! It was a great day. Probably my best birthday ever, because there was a new person there and my whole family was there too. They spoiled me with flowers, a PSL, salt water taffy, a and ridiculous cake that also tasted ridiculously good! We all went out for pancakes in Palm Springs for dinner and it was just a really special day. ♥

XO, Coury

Sep 22, 2016

Keeper of the gate.

Hi guys! Can you believe how much of a big girl my baby is now?? Just "yesterday" she was the one who needed the gate and now she has become the "gatekeeper". She takes this job very seriously and let's the dog in and out only when she sees fit. She's the best big sister and I can't wait to see how her and Darcy's relationship plays out. He'll be mobile in no time and this gate will be so amazing.

I'm super pumped to be working with my friends at Munchkin again give their beautiful new VIBE gate a try.  The design is so sleek and fits so well in any home. It comes fully installed (thank God) and ready to use. It only took a few minutes to install We used the worst gates when Goldie was younger, this one is just next level and I don't want to yank it down every chance I get because I like the way it looks. I appreciate Munchkin's efforts to make pretty baby gear when even just a few years ago when Goldie was a baby, I wasn't able to find something like this. It comes in some fun colors as well and there's even a Hello Kitty version!

Anyway, I plan to incorporate the gate into whatever house we move into next because moving is inevitable! At least I know it will work wherever we end up! I look forward to seeing my baby boy grow and eventually crawl and walk. These are precious times. ♥

*This post was brought to you by Munchkin but all opinions are my own. :)

XO, Coury