Nov 17, 2015

Golden Birthday Eve.

Goldie didn't want a party this year so we just had her friend Alice over for some Birthday donuts. I'm pretty sure she had way more fun than she would have if lots of people were staring at her all day (something she gets from her dad AND I).

XO, Coury
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Nov 9, 2015


Well, this is a bit late but Halloween was such fun.
We went out and took a walk in the morn, got some festive holiday donuts, then went to pick out a pumpkin to paint at Trader Joes. We got the last one so it was only $2. The perks of panicking at the last minute and realizing that Halloween is almost over and you still need to make all the memories because your daughter is only 2 at one Halloween! Pheeeeeew.
Anyway, we painted the pumpkin and listened to Halloween music and it was a lovely afternoon.
We got hungry so we decided to head over to The Oinkster in Eagle Rock and had some dinner. We were trying to figure out where to trick or treat but then we saw a church carnival and I think we felt more safe doing that since I think Gabe and I have been to hundreds of church Halloween carnivals in our years.
Goldie played a few games and got some candy. She ate 3 M&Ms and 1/3 of a Nestle Crunch fun size bar and we called it a night.


My Two piece is from Unique Vintage.
Goldie's romper is from Shop Sweet Threads.

XO, Coury
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Nov 6, 2015

Disneyland Birthday fun.

What a dream taking Goldie to Disneyland on her golden birthday.

Lots of pics to follow.....

Goldie's jumpsuit and my Ace & Jig dress are via Fawn Shoppe.
Her two piece set is by LulaLand.

XO, Coury
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